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Sewage Treatment Plants Manufacturers

Sewage Treatment Plants Manufacturers & Exporter from India, Asia. Specialist in Package Type, Prefabricated Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants ranging from 10 KLPD – 100KLPD with Green & Sustainable ADAO Technology.

Chemtronics STP- ADAO Treatment Technology Advantage:

• Zero Discharge Plant.
• Colourless Quality of Treated Water.
• Odourless Quality of Treated Water.

• Highly suitable even if there is uneven supply of sewage.
• No Sewer odour issue even during the treatment process.
• BOD & COD reduction.
• Low Sludge Production.
• Low Footprint is required.
• Does not require continuous operation.
• Monitoring of MLSS and SVI is not required.
• Environmentally Safe water dispose to dispose in Land or Water.
• Treated Water can be reuse for gardening, flushing, irrigation, construction and many more non-potable uses.
• Green Sustainable Sewage Treatment Plant.

Compact Sewage Water Treatment Plant

We are Manufacturer & Suppliers of Compact Sewage Water Treatment Plants, these are environment friendly based on Green Building Technology.

Benefits of Compact Sewage Treatment System:

• Zero Discharge.
• Low power consumption
• Sludge removal once in two years.
• Pre- Engineered & Pre- Fabricated Plant.
• No odour problem.
• No dedicated manpower required.
• Negligible Operating Cost.

Containerised Sewage Treatment Plant
We offer eco friendly containerized sewage treatment recycling & reuse plant that are specially designed and manufactured for the treatment of lesser quantity of sewage ranging 10 CMD to 50 CMD. These Containerised Plants can effectively meet the demand of water in remote areas. It can be easily installed and operated and can be moved to new sites. In various environmental and municipal emergencies this plant is preferred.

Benefits of Containerised System

• Fully Automatic Sewage Plant.
• Ideal for remote location.
• Low Sludge generation by the plant.
• No odor concerns.
• Colourless treated water & odourless treated water.
• No dedicated manpower are required.

Skid Mounted Sewage Water Treatment Plants

We are specialised in Skid Mounted sewage recycling Plant.

Benefits of Skid Mounted ADAO Technology:
• Less footprint.
• No odor issues.
• Colourless treated Water & Odourless Treated Water.
• Low generation of sewage sludge.
• Ideal for isolated area.
• Simple operations of the plant.
• Low Operation & Maintenance of the plant.

Skid Mounted Sewage Plant

Decentralized Sewage Water Treatment Plant

We provide customised decentralized sewage water treatment plant requirements. With very low maintenance & operating hassles. Decentralised Sewage Water Treatment Plant used to Collect, Treat & Discharged or Reclaim the Wastewater from an individual dwelling or a cluster of two or more dwellings without the use of the entire centralised sewage system.

Decentralized Sewage System disposal is a necessity in areas that are not provided with city sewers. Even when a site has access to a sewer, it may be desirable to treat sewage on site in order to return water to the local soil, or to provide irrigation for non-food plants. Small communities in close proximity to central sewers may utilize our Decentralized sewer system to connect the existing structure to the municipals sewer service. In areas where sewer connection is not possible, a complete Chemtronics’ Decentralized Sewer Water Treatment System is the best solution.


Sewage Water Treatment Plant for Weekend Homes

Individual weekend home requires Small Sewage Treatment System:

The Challenges are:
• Weekend homes there are uneven supply of sewage & conventional sewage treatment is not suitable.
• Skilled manpower for operation is not available.

Benefits of ADAO Technology:
• Suitable even if there is uneven supply of sewage.
• No odor treated water.
• Colourless treated Water & Odourless Treated Water.
• Low generation of sludge.
• Ideal for remote area.
• Simple to operate.
• Low Operation & Maintenance of plant.

Sewage Treatment Plant for Labour Camp

Construction projects go on for 3 to 4 years & this construction site need wastewater treatment facility, especially domestic sewage from the Labour working at site.
Common method to deal with daily sewage water is to transport domestic sewage using tankers, but this process is time consuming & expensive. Often you face problems from the local environment municipal bodies.
We have a specialised sewage water treatment system designed for Construction Labour Camp.


Standard Domestic Sewage Contains:
- TSS, COD, BOD, Oil & Grease, Chloride, Sulphate, TDS & TOC.
Sewage from Labour Camp Contains:
Apart from the above impurities the labour camp also contains particles of Cement & Sand as the labourers take bath or wash their hands, which makes the conventional sewage treatment process difficult to treat & our specialist ADAO Technology is a Solution.

Benefits of ADAO Technology for Labour Camp

• Easy Operations.
• Low Maintenance Cost of plant.
• Transportable.
• Odourless.
• Colourless Treated Water.
• Low sludge generation.
• No dedicated technical manpower is required.
• Suitable even if there is uneven supply.
• Treated Water Can be used for curing.

Tertiary Treatment with Ozonation in Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)

The degree of treatment required for sewage water depends mainly on discharge requirements or the application of recycled sewage water. Sewage Water contains varying degrees of COD & BOD which represent organic contamination as well as Colour, Odor & Bacterial contamination. Our Advance Oxidation technology results in reduction of the impurities in sewage water.

Grey Water Treatment Plants Manufacturers

Grey Water Treatment Plants Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporter of Compact Greywater treatment plants with ADAO Technology. Specialist in GTP Plant ranging from 1 KLPD – 50KLPD

Graywater is water other toilet waste, any water that has been used for washing dishes, laundering clothes, or bathing. Although this used water may contain grease, food particles,
hair, and any number of other impurities, it may still be suitable for reuse of water.
Reuses of Greywater serve two purposes: it reduces the amount of freshwater needed to supply a household, and reduces the amount of waste water entering sewer or septic systems.
Skid Mounted Sewage Plant

Benefits of Chemtronics Grey Water Treatment Plant- ADAO Treatment Technology:
• Zero Discharge reuse system.
• Colourless.
• Odourless.
• Low Footprint.
• Continuous operation is not necessary.
• Environmentally Safe to dispose in Land or Water.
• Treated Water can be reused for car washing, gardening, flushing, irrigation, construction and many more non-potable uses.
• Green Sustainable Eco-Friendly Graywater treatment recycling & reuse plant.

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