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De-Mineral Plant / DM / Demineralized Water Plant System

For Demineralization, we offer you Two Bed DM Plant. The unit consists of Cat ion and Anion column filled with resins. Depending upon the resin quantity the unit produces an output per regeneration. To get better quality of treated water, supercharged mixed bed DM unit is in series with Cat ion and Anion exchanger. It is FRP / LLDP column of cat ion exchanger and anion  exchanger.

The exchanger will be connected with multi port valve and flexible hose. The separate Plastic drum will be provided for regeneration of cat ion exchanger by acid and Anion exchanger by caustic solution. Service and back wash flow rate depends upon the design & size of multi port valve.

Demineralized Water Plant

DM Plant
Demineralized Water Plant System

DM Water Plant

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